BinaryRobot365 Review

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BinaryRobot365 Review

BinaryRobot 365 is one of a few automated programs that generates profits


It is the era of binary options. More traders switch from just trading currency pairs in the spot market to trading them in binaries. One of the reasons might be that you will never lose more than you have invested on a specific trade. No gap will affect the outcome. Trading software programs are not new. They have been used for decades even by some of the best traders of all times. However, markets change and software creators must adapt. It seems that BinaryRobot 365 has been doing just that. Read the review and find out yourself.


Company information

BinaryRobot 365 is a new company that was established in 2016. They do not give away much about themselves on the website and maybe that is not entirely necessary as they are not brokers. As software makers they are not regulated, but some of the brokers they are affiliated with have their licenses with a few different regulators. Despite the fact that the company is new they have a lot of followers and users who seem to be quite happy with the results they are getting, by using the software on their trading platforms. In our view, it is more important to look at those brokers than at the company which offers the software (free of charge) and decide whether you want to trade with them or not.






Trading Software

Automated trading systems have some advantages over manual ones. Firstly, you do not have to sit in front of your pc all the time waiting for a signal to take place in order for you to enter a trade. The software will do that for you. Secondly, the emotional factor will not affect your trading decisions if you let a robot to do  the trading for you. All trading conditions and filters are already built into the software and decisions will be made on your behalf.



BinaryRobot 365 works as a software program. It has 90% win rate and you do not need to worry what strategy to use any given day. You can choose settings according to a type of strategy that fits you best, whether it is trend trading or range trading or day trading. There are six technical indicators that are included in your strategy selection that can help you to customize your settings. The indicators are: Trend, Williams, MACD, RSI, CCI and Stochastics.

You can combine those and the robot will use it as part of your trading strategy. Results may differ from trader to trader as everyone can choose their own settings for strategy or indicators and this will affect the outcome of their trades.  There are advanced stop loss system alerts inside the software. If you are a complete novice trader, you can simply open an account with one of affiliated brokers, click the auto trade button and you will not have to worry yourself about any settings or strategy or be stuch at your computer. The robot will do everything for you.




As BinaryRobot 365 is a web based platform you use the platform on your desktop, tablet or a smartphone. The company that created the robot has not created separate apps for iOS or Android. Instead, you will use the same web based platform on those devices. However, the robot is fully functional on all devices and this will not affect your results, whether you trade on your pc or your mobile device. As time goes by, it would be natural to expect separate apps to be developed by the company, but for the time being profits are great and their customers are happy.


Fees, Payouts and Trading features

BinaryRobot 365 is one of a few automated trading software products that do not cost you anything to use it. It is free of charge and company does not charge any monthly or turnover or commissions. The company makes money from affiliate fees that it gets from the brokers that are affiliated with it. So, no extra or hidden fees for using the product!

Payouts do not depend on the software, but on the brokers who offer their services to trade binary options. BianryRobot 365 have 8 brokers they work with and each one of them will have their own payout percentages.

As has been stated one can use various combinations of 6 available indicators to improve results of trading. However, one should remember that the more indicators you place, the fewer opportunities there will be as many more filters will kick in that will eliminate a lot of signals. So, you will have to experiment on a demo account with the features to see what settings of indicators work best. You can also choose a money management strategy out of the three provided: Martingale, Classic and Fibonacci. It is also possible to choose how many simulated trades you can have all in all. You should also decide what assets you want to trade and expiry times with the amount of money. Having chosen the settings for all the features the robot will work unceasingly to make maximum profits possible.






Compatible Brokers

As has been said, at the moment BinaryRobot 365 works only on the platforms of 8 brokers. You may choose to open an account with one of them. Unfortunately, you cannot use the broker you currently trade with if it is not in the list.


Binary Tilt

Founded in: 2014

Regulation: CySEC

Maximum Payout: 86%

Minimum Deposit: $250

US traders allowed: No



Established: 2014

Regulation: No

Maximum Payout: 87%

Minimum Deposit: $250

US traders allowed: Yes



Founded in: 2010

Regulation: Belize IFSC

Maximum Payout: 86%

Minimum Deposit: $250

US traders allowed: No


Bonuses & VIP programs

Apart from a free demo account BinaryRobot 365 company does not offer any bonuses or VIP programs for their customers. On the other hand, they offer their excellent software to use for free, so that is a bonus in itself. Another thing to note, is that in order to use their software you will have to open an account with one of the brokers we have listed above. Those will probably have some bonuses or VIP programs and you may actually select the broker that has the best bonus system if that is what you are looking for. You should also remember that brokers who are under the jurisdiction of CySEC are not legally allowed to offer bonuses for their clients. Those who are regulated by a different regulator can offer you some bonuses.





Deposits and withdrawals

BinaryRobot 365 is a software company, not a broker, so they are in no way connected to processing your deposits or withdrawals. That remains the responsibility of the brokers they are affiliated with. You will have to check what methods of payments those brokers use, but on the whole, most of them will have the same most popular deposit and withdrawal types: credit/debit cards, bank transfer and most popular e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller or Webmoney.


Customer support


Despite the fact BinaryRobot 365 is only a software developer and provider they have excellent customer support team. You may contact them by email any time of the day and they will reply to you quite fast. An even better option is live chat, which is always available as long as you have company’s website open. Some brokers should actually learn from such an approach and adapt it in to their own customer support.


Extra features and resources

Unfortunately, BinaryRobot 365 does not offer any other resources or educational base. However, they have a video about the results of their robot and some testimonials of their happy customers. You will have to search for extra resources and educational base with one of the brokers their software is compatible with.



Taking into account the results displayed on the website of BinaryRobot 365 and testimonies, as well as traders who rank well and earn top profits using the software we make a conclusion that the Robot is a trustworthy software that may increase your profits in the long run. We do not think BinaryRobot 365 is a scam!



  • » High and consistent returns
  • » User friendly software
  • » Ability to switch from auto to manual
  • » Free of charge
  • » Good choice of brokers



  • » No separate app for mobile devices
  • » Results displayed in their statistics is just one year old




How to start using BinaryRobot 365?

You will simply have to open a real money account with one of 8 affiliated brokers and click Auto Trading button on.


Can I use your robot on my mobile device?

Yes. The robot can be used both on your desktop and on your mobile device.


Can I trade the software with any broker?

No, you can only use our binary robot with one of the 8 brokers the software is compatible with. All the brokers are listed on the website.


Can I choose my own settings on the software?

Yes, and you should. You may choose your trading strategy, stop loss, technical indicators, amount you want to risk and expiry. The robot will do the rest of the job.